#105 Hazard Girls™: The Power of “Can” with Charli K. Matthews

April 28, 2020

Welcome to the first episode of Hazard Girls™, the show that explores the inspiring professional journeys of women in non-traditional roles. In this episode, your host Emily Soloby of Juno Jones speaks to Charli K. Matthews, the founder and CEO of Empowering Brands, the founder of Empowering Pumps & Equipment, and Empowering Women in Industry. Charli is a truly dynamic individual who has had a fascinating career path, from working in the pumps and equipment industry to the creation of her brands. For her, it’s necessary to look beyond the equipment to the people manufacturing and using it, because without the people, relationships, and support across the industry, none of what they do will be possible. Charli talks about the state of diversity and inclusion in the world of manufacturing, bringing to light those invisible challenges that women inevitably come up against, which is the very reason for creating the Empowering Women in Industry brand. Having formed a supportive network, Charli hopes to encourage women to pursue careers in manufacturing and to equip them with the right mindsets and skills to succeed in the industry. Put simply, her vision for the network is for it to be there for women in the industry in whichever capacity they need. Tune into this interesting episode today!

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