#109 Insights into the Supply Chain Publication Industry with Marina Mayer

May 27, 2020

With content creation at an all-time high, it’s important to have reputable, reliable sources of information. Marina Mayer, today’s guest, is Editor-in-Chief of two of the foremost supply chain publications, Food Logistics and Supply and Demand Chain Executive which both draw on expert industry knowledge to provide readers with an impressive variety of content. We kick off this episode by learning more about Food Logistics and its mission to help businesses in the industry. With a wide-ranging audience of over 26 000, it is the only magazine dedicated to the global food cold chain. From there, we find out more about COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the food supply chain. Marina and her team have had to work hard to quell fears around the issue. There has been slowing in parts of the supply chain, but it has by no means halted. From there, we turn our attention to the other publication Marina oversees Supply and Demand Chain Executive and the work it does. We also learn more about their Facebook live events along with the variety of awards the publications oversees. Finally, we round the show off with Marina sharing her personal experience in the industry, and her advice for women looking to break in as well. Be sure to tune in today!

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