#106 Product Lifecycle Management with Lucy Blackley, CEO of Bombyx PLM

May 5, 2020

At the intersection of fashion and engineering, today’s guest was inspired to found her own
startup focused on simplifying the lifecycle of products. In this episode of the WAM Podcast, host Linda Rigano speaks with Lucy Blackley, CEO of Bombyx PLM: Product Lifecycle Management, about fashion, digital innovation, and seriously motivated women! Lucy discusses with us her move from the fashion industry to founding her own PLM startup, and the importance of developing simple, affordable, and scalable software systems from the point of view of people in product design industries. Bombyx PLM’s system is useful for startups, SMEs, and corporations alike, and – while a lot of people still don’t understand exactly what garment technology is – Lucy explains that PLM systems can be applicable to nearly all industries that produce a physical product. Tune in to find out how!

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